Crown Chrono Bands: A Generational Journey

We are enthusiasts, fans, engineers, and innovators at heart. Crown Chrono Bands is the generational lineage between a father and son linked together through the art of horology, the passion of design, and the appreciation of icons.

We believe watches are the last part of a disappearing era dominated by digital technology. Since the dawn of time, watches have been worn on the wrists of all mankind that pushed the boundaries of life forward. Behind every watch is a story and we hope that with our bands, you can fully customize and bring your own personal story to life.

When we set out to design our bands, we wanted to take our favorite watches and truly make them our own. There were other options on the market, but they didn’t provide the range of customization or build quality that we felt our favorite watchmakers would want attached to the scrupulous detail embodied in their timepieces. We felt we could do better and write our own story in the process.

Andreas Leptourgos, CEO

Andreas is a serial entrepreneur with many accomplishments under his belt. He has worked at Citibank, Wells Fargo, and started his own companies within the consumer tech space that have made the Inc 5000: The Most Successful Companies In America six times. He also currently leads his own Digital Media Company to partner with other companies to reach their goals and thrive within the Internet space.

Starting his career off on Wall Street, Andreas was exposed to being an “arm’s length” away from many of the world’s best watches on a daily basis, which fueled his appreciation of them beyond their physical presence. Andreas realized the more he spoke to individuals about their watches, the more each owner shared with him why they had chosen that particular watch to purchase or wear. It became clear each owner had their own personal story attached to their watch, and they happily wore this story on their sleeve each and every day.

Andreas thought, what if each watch owner could further customize their watch beyond what was currently available to truly make their watch a unique extension of their personal character? This was the first of the many lightbulb moments that would lead to the evolution of Crown Chrono Bands’ goal to provide the highest level of customization to the luxury watch market without compromising the design and integrity of the actual watch itself. As they say, the rest is history.

Favorite Watches: Rolex 218238 Day-Date II Presidential 41MM Yellow Gold and Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV Hulk

Miltiadis Leptourgos, Chief of Design & Engineering

Miltiadis is Andreas’ father and a structural engineer / licensed PE by profession. After Andreas came up with the concept of designing the best aftermarket watch bands to customize the world’s most luxurious timepieces, Miltiadis was tasked with making sure the build quality and specifications of each band were second to none.

Having worked on “half of Manhattan” and providing designs to support some of New York City’s most recognizable skyline, Miltiadis’ exacting methodology ensures that no detail is overlooked and the Crown Chrono Bands product offering is the most precise fit in the world.

A lover of travel, Miltiadis can be found enjoying different cultures, learning new languages, and spending time with his grandchildren when he isn’t working on the design specifications of a new band for your favorite watch.

Favorite Watches: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 11 50th Anniversary and Rolex Sky-Dweller 42MM Stainless Steel