How It Works?

Sizing & Installing Your Crown Chrono Band

We are enthusiasts, fans, engineers, and innovators at heart. Crown Chrono Bands is the generational lineage between a father and son linked together through the art of horology, the passion of design, and the appreciation of icons.

We believe watches are the last part of a disappearing era dominated by digital technology. Since the dawn of time, watches have been worn on the wrists of all mankind that pushed the boundaries of life forward. Behind every watch is a story and we hope that with our bands, you can fully customize and bring your own personal story to life.

When we set out to design our bands, we wanted to take our favorite watches and truly make them our own. There were other options on the market, but they didn’t provide the range of customization or build quality that we felt our favorite watchmakers would want attached to the scrupulous detail embodied in their timepieces. We felt we could do better and write our own story in the process.

The first part in customizing your Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Tudor or Panerai watch is SIZING. In order to choose the proper size for your watch, we are providing you details on how to count your current watch links below:

  1. 6 O’Clock Size: Count how many links are on the BOTTOM or 6 o’clock side of your current watch band
  2. 12 O’Clock Size: Count how many links are on the TOP or 12 o’clock side of your current watch band
  3. 6 O’Clock Links X 12 O’Clock Links: Take the number of links on the BOTTOM or 6 o’clock side as your first number and the number of links on the TOP or 12 o’clock side of your current watch to choose your size 

For example, if your current watch band has 4 links on the 6 o’clock side and 5 links on the 12 o’clock side, you will order a 4 LINKS x 5 LINKS size during checkout. 

Do NOT count any half links near the clasp itself. 

Please use our pictures below as a reference:

If you are still not sure, you should Contact Us BEFORE placing your order to ensure you select the right size to avoid any delays in customizing your watch! 

After you have selected your correct size and ordered your Crown Chrono Band, you will need to watch our Installation Video below in order to remove your current watch band and attach your customized Crown Chrono Band.

Although installing your new Crown Chrono Band can easily be done by yourself with the help of The Crown Chrono Tool Kit, we always recommend going to a professional jeweler to avoid any damage to yourself or your watch.

It should take a trained professional less than 5 minutes to install a Crown Chrono Band for you. The band should always be installed from the rear of the watch and never the front.